Monday, December 13, 2010

NDTV upgrades Digvijay



  1. Today's papre confirms that the phone records have been checked of Late Karkare of the relevant date and time and no such call was received by him. Digvijay Singh is not telling the truth.

  2. This is planned conspiracy against RSS by congress. Its heavy weight leaders make defamatory comments every now and then and Congress 'in low volume' distances itself from it. But one can easily sense the ill thinking of Congress. Remember few days ago Rahul made such comments. Antuley made such comments. Every time they are very successful in confusing the Indian mass by these ill-practices. And this has been very handy practice to divert the attention from the matters in which the Govt is on back foot. So RSS must be alert and should take right steps urgently.

  3. Guys, you are missing the point here.

    mediashame is not talking about the content of the article but the word "digvijaya" used instead of "digvijay" by NDTV.