Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why is TOI mixing Army with religion?

This entry to Media Hall of SHAME is shocking news item Muslim general to defend LoC in Times of India.

There was a time when India never associated our defence forces with religion. They were our Jawans defending the nation. But of late it seems media has broken this last taboo also.

Time of India reports

He replaces Lt Gen N C Marwah. Hasnain is only the second Muslim officer to command 15 Corps, a crucial shield against Pakistan's offensive intent.

As if this is not enough Time of India also reports

The last Muslim officer to have commanded the 15 Corps was Lt Gen M K Zaki.

It is shocking to read  TOI making it sound it so dramatic as if Indian Army donot promote Muslim Officers!! 



  1. Associating Army with such stupid report, the media has crossed all limits. Shame!

  2. The man in Uniform is an Indian.

    Media just cant see an Indian as an India. They have to identify each Indian according to their religion when most of want to be known only as Indians.

    This is most disgusting.

    Media must wake up and stop filing news reports of this kind. It hurts.

  3. If TOI has any morals, any shame it must print an apology to the nation and the Army