Sunday, December 12, 2010

Star News call Hindu Devotees performing ritual Animals!

Star news in its coverage Devotees performing ‘urulu seve' at the Kukke Subramanya temple in Dakshina Kannada district has crossed every limit of decent reporting.

The report starts with Star News explaining the “strage ritual”. A literal translation is as under

In the name of belief people are rolling over half eaten food. This disgusting game is happening in famous Kukke Subramanya temple

Media Watch donot understand whats so disgusting about this ritual! Afterall its just a ritual based on belief of people.

Then  Star News attempts to explain the the ritual itself

{BANG loud music} Brahmins ate at Mandir… {BANG loud music} People are rolling over half eaten food… This disgusting game in the name of ritual is happening for years at Kukke Subramanya temple in Dakshina Kannada. Thousands of people flock to this temple located in Dakshina Kannada to rollover half eaten food of Brahmins… its is believed that doing this would cure peoples ailments… 

What was left untold is that this depends upon the belief that some brahmins believed to be vested with healing powers. And people from all castes, including Brahmins, perform the ritual the ritual of rolling over! please notice brahmins who have just performed rolling ritual in screengrab under


Now comes the most disgusting part of the coverage. It seems that as part of the ritual people eat food without utensils.

Let us now show you  another example of blind faith. During this ritual some people instead of eating in plates but eat from floor. Look at the people mired in superstition is eating food from floor like like animals…This ritual is based on belief that doing so will help them to fulfill wished.

Calling Hindu devotees “animals” for taking part in innocent ritual however weird it may look is NOT acceptable. Media Watch calls upon readers to register their protest with Star News.

Then the start news reporters goes on to ridicule the explanation given by the temple priest on background of this ritual 

This fellow explain the ritual of rolling over halfeaten food as faith…

People who come to join this ritual are predominantly Backward caste!

These pictures are proof that inspite of all; claims of progress by our society are still bond by bad rituals .. people who are rolling on half eaten food are breaking the Indian dream of reaching moon

The reporter again continues with his lies that the ritual is predominantly done by backward caste when the above screen grab above clearly indicates otherwise. and lastly, If one were to believe this reporter it seems this ritual stands in between India going to moon. 

It is decision of Media on what they should be covering but maintaining a minimum decency and respect in the language they use while dealing with faith of people is minimum we would expect from the media. Also, I wonder if Starnews has every covered Bakri Id festival when lakhs of animals are slaughtered on rituals based on belief!


Starnews coverage


  1. Even TV9 Karnataka Broad casted same thing. Who the hell are they to decide on faith of people?

  2. I haven't seen the news, nor know much about the Star News but based on what you have described, let me say that you are trying to protect an inhuman and undignified practice in the name of culture and belief. These are not innocent practices, started innocently and continuing innocently. The traditional society has been hierarchically structured and ritual are one of the major methods of maintaining social dominance some groups over the others and of some beliefs over all. Any critique of such rituals and practices is silenced by people like you and all efforts made by those weilding social power to promote adoption of these practices by the others; or these practices are glorified using traditional media and social pressure to the extent that others start succumb and adopt them as the only way to move upward in the society.

  3. Why has every ritual to be looked at negative way? GandhiJi would have called this attitude gutter inspector.

  4. What about people beating themselves on Muharram? or what about people posing as evil on halloween?

    Requires Balls....

  5. these superstitious practices needs to be condemn through every stage. We are no more living in a feudal society, where a handful people are blessed to rule the majority of downtrodden people. These practices do not have any logic behind them and every right minded and rational person should raise his voice against this. star news has done a tremendous job by exposing this malpractice and it deserves applause from all sides.

  6. If I believe I practice. Who the fcuk has any right to be judgmental about it. Sanatana dharma was born before men started having balls.