Monday, October 4, 2010

Media Says Nation wants Rahul to be face of CWG. Really?

Today, India woke up with news article on how nation wants Rahul Gandhi to be the face for CWG 2010. Timing and intent of these articles is intriguing considering the fact that these articles came less than 12 hours from success of CWG inaugural ceremony. 

Hindustan Times reported Rahul Gandhi best face for CWG 2010

IBN reports Rahul Gandhi seen as best face for CWG

Deccan Herald reports Face of CWG: Rahul beats Sachin by wide margin

As one would expect, The wordings of all these articles are exactly same

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has emerged as the most preferred brand ambassador for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, with 72 per cent of the respondents choosing him in the latest survey by a leading industry lobby. Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar came next with 62 per cent in the survey, conducted among 10,000 students by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, ahead of the Oct 3-14 Commonwealth Games.

So if one were to read in between lines of these articles, it would mean Rahul Gandhi is tallest leader among the youth and they want him to be face of CWG. The reason

Rahul Gandhi is the most honest, straightforward and trustworthy leader


A little further research paints totally different picture. The details published in ASSOCHAM website tells a different story. ASSOCHAM website reveals that other options against Rahul Gandhi were Mr. Sachin Pilot, Mr. Jyotiraj Scindia and Mr. Jitin Prasada. Not even a single  non congress leader was included as an option against Rahul Gandhi.

Also, Rahul and Sachin were in different categories thus were not pitted against each other. It is erroneous to compare the vote gathered by these two. Only thing it tells that the other options in category containing Rahul Gandhi were too weak

This completely changes the picture which media was trying to paint. This means that according to survey among other congress youth leaders(actually assorted congress scions) Rahul is most accepted leader. Its perplexing how  one can even compare Rahul Gandhi with likes of  Mr. Sachin Pilot, Mr. Jyotiraj Scindia and Mr. Jitin Prasada who have recently joined politics. Such comparison would make survey totally onesided making it meaningless(unless that was the intention!)






  1. rahul gandhi failed at harvard(for how he got admitted in the very first place,see janataparty website)and was thrown out in 3 months.this "role model of youth" also failed in hindi at st.stephens,where he got admission on christian quota.

  2. Wow! This would be the best thing that could happen to this country.

    Rahul Gandhi adopted by the British Royal family, he will become the permanent face of CWG.

    They took our Kohinoor without our consent, now we give them a media manufactured Kohinoor without their consent.

    This is the perfect Tit for Tat

  3. True Rahul is media manufactured Kohinoor.

  4. Rahul most appropriately fits the role of a mascot. At least, all consent that he fits somewhere. Hurray to dynastic dominance.