Saturday, September 11, 2010

Secular Media did not see this


Pak flag

Pakistani flag was hoisted today at Lal Chowk of Kashmir.

Hindu reported the incident as

Kashmiri protestors hoist a flag on to a clock tower in Srinagar on Saturday

Hindu just saw ‘a flag’ being hoisted from lal chowk! poor fellows didnot even realize that its a pakistan flag!

IBN reports one person getting  injured as he fell down while putting up flag but guess the reporter missed looking at which flag was being hoisted!

AFP is only news network which reported the incident. They reported

Protesters streamed towards Lal Chowk where they hoisted green Islamic and Pakistani flags atop a clock tower, shouting: "Our nation, we'll decide its fate

Shockingly, Rajdeep Sardesai Editor-in-Chief justified his actions as under

IBN_Pak Flag

Pakistani flag for reference

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TOI says Security men ‘KILL’ civilians

Todays entry to Hall of SHAME is shocking article “For the first time, securitymen kill more civilians than terrorists in J&K” from TOI which paints an extremely negative image of our armed forces.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

TOI lays DUSU loss squarely on ‘CWG’

ABVP has swept the DUSU election after a gap of 08 years and It seems (atleast from Headlines) that TOI has found the main cause for NSUI loss in DUSU election …. its not price rise or  ineffective UPA Governance,……..Its CWG..  Of course what will youth know about serious issues like price after all its their parents purse which is getting effected….
Seems TOI also forgot to tell us that Congress leader and ‘youth’ icon, Rahul Gandhi, who is also in-charge of NSUI, had personally reviewed election preparation and candidates etc
If its loss its CWG.. Had it been a win you know who would have taken the ‘credit’ for that