Saturday, September 4, 2010

NDTV, Match fixing & Ajay Jadeja

Cricket lovers across the nation are gladdened to see every Media House taking a strong stand against match fixing in cricket. As expected NDTV also has taken a strong stand against match fixing. The seriousness of NDTV can be gauged for the fact that this week on the Big Fight NDTV is focusing on match-fixing in Cricket.
So far so good, what we would like to know is whether NDTV would be inviting Ajay Jadeja, their cricket expert to Big Fight . I am sure he would be able to give good insight on the bane of match fixing. Afterall, his career was halted (in December 2000) due to a five-year ban following damaging, though inconclusive, findings in a CBI inquiry on match-fixing. Though he contested the ban, In November 2004 his plea seeking permission to play international cricket was dismissed by the Delhi High Court after no one appeared on his behalf when the petition was taken up for hearing. However, a Division Bench subsequently permitted him to play domestic cricket
We are no one to advice NDTV who they should employee.  But as a private person, I find it highly inappropriate that a person who is banned from international cricket for match fixing is employed with national media and is offering expert advice of cricket. What standard are we setting and what message are we giving to future generation?
Alleged CBI Report on Ajay Jadeja can be read here.

IE please get your facts right

IE reports
In a near sweep, BJP's students wing ABVP today bagged three out of the four top posts in the Delhi University Students Union after a gap of seven years, giving a jolt to Congress' NSUI.
Its surprising that a national newspaper of IE stature is not aware that ABVP is NOT student wing of BJP. For unaware
Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad(ABVP), founded in 1948 and formally registered on July 9, 1949 is the largest student organization in the world. ABVP drew its inspiration from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Friday, September 3, 2010

TOI gets most critical info wrong... again

This entry relates news articles pertaining to suspension of IAS officer C Umashankar on the charges of furnishing false information to obtain his community certificate. And how a “small change'” in critical info changes the complexion of news

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Rediff reports
Steadfastly sticking to the rituals, the PM took a bath and removed his shoes and socks before entering the temple.
Rediff should let us know about few temples where you can enter with footwear. Anyway since Rediff has taken the trouble of reporting Manmohan’s Magnanimous Act Of Kindness, We would like to thank PM MMS for respecting Hindu Sentiments, We are also gladdened that he donot consider Sri Venkateswara as myth
As if the above is not sufficient, they also get south Indian dress completely wrong. According to Rediff -
Narasimhan had changed into the Vaishnav attire -- replete with three long tilak on the forehead and a veshti (traditional lungi) -- before entering the temple.
Calling Veshti Traditional Lungi is like calling pant traditional Pajama!

Meet TOI the Judge and Prosecutor

For a layman like me, it seems that every time UPA Govt is facing heat, media releases the Jinn of Gujarat Riot from the bottle to take away the heat from intense focus on congress wrongdoings. Now there is intense public scrutiny on CWG  & Saffron Terror fiasco and we can see the smoke coming out the bottle.

Sensationalization IBN style

This is another sob story published by IBN on how a Dalit boy mercilessly beaten up by lawyers. Well, guess what? the perpetuators turned out to be the boy's own relative, hence another Dalit. I guess someone must have pointed it out, because a few hours later the story was edited to take out Dalit from the headline and body of the story. The URL still says Dalit though.
So question to IBN is why they have to highlight that the boy was Dalit when perpetuators were non dalit and considered it irrelevant when it was realised that perpetuators were infact another dalit. Does seriousness of issues change with the caste of perpetuator?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is NDTV only Indian television channel to broadcast in Pakistan

Indus Business Journal in an article NBC buys $150m stake in New Delhi TV dated February 15, 2008 claims that
NDTV is the only Indian television channel to broadcast in Pakistan
I have nothing to prove or disprove veracity of this report. But if its true, I would certainly like to know the TRP rating of NDTV in Pakistan during Mumbai attacks of 26/11/2008?

When NDTV Declared victory after 2611 TRP War

Post 2611, NDTV proudly claimed victory after 26/11 TRP Wars.
NDTV Website claims
When it matters, NDTV 24X7 is the most viewed channel
For the target C&S 15+ in the one million plus markets, NDTV 24x7 was the most viewed channel in the Mumbai terror attacks week, followed by Times Now. CNN-IBN was the third watched.
At what cost?

Ok we know Pak Cricketers took Bribe.. NDTV can you please Moveon

Now I am really confused on whats core business of NDTV?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whose side of story are they reporting?

Today's entry to Hall of shame is Media (HT & NDTV) report of police shooting at Maisuma locality of Srinagar resulting in serious injury of one Yasir Malik, cousin of Separatist Leader Yasin Malik.
I am personally amazed how a INDIAN national media can be so irresponsible in their reporting!

‘Christian’ Journalist working for National Media

Is it proper for a journalist to be identified as ‘Christian Journalist’ especially when working for a National Media. Will it not bias your reporting?
I dont know the answers. But I find it distasteful when somone puts his/her religion as prefix to her profession. Is a Hindu Doctor/Muslim Engineer acceptable Term?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Curious Case of Disappearing News from IBN

This morning IBN dropped a bombshell in which they brought to light alleged wrong doing by Indian Presidents daughter. We have nothing to confirm or dismiss veracity of this news but what intrigued us is by evening this news disappeared from IBN website without a trace & without an explanation.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Someone wants us to believe, Rahul is Lord of net also (Updated)

Drums of Campaign glorifying Rahul is getting louder and its now bordering absurdity. Someone wants gullible Indians to believe that Rahul Gandhi is most popular Leader on net.
Several national newsmedia today published similiar themed news in which they tried to portray Rahul as most popular Indian political leader in net

Strange case of missing critical info in TOI News

Lets play a game.
Please read following two news published by TOI.
1. Ex-Arunachal CM Apang arrested for PDS scam
2. Lads office Raided
There is one common link between these two news items and strangely this very important common link is missing from both of these news item. Answer is very easy and I am sure you will figure it out but if you have missed it. The answer is in the end -