Thursday, October 21, 2010

Was Rahuls ‘spontaneous’ train ride in Mumbai stage managed


February 2010. Rahul Gandhi visits Mumbai amidst MNIK controversy and if media is to be believed made history by traveling in local train after breaking his usual security cordon

NDTV reported the incident as Rahul Gandhi snubs Sena, takes Mumbai local

When in Mumbai, Rahul Gandhi decided to do as Mumbai does.
So, in a last-minute decision that undoubtedly left his security men in a cold sweat, Gandhi decided to take local trains instead of the helicopter that was on stand-by for him. He travelled both first and second class, and bought tickets that were paid for by a quick stop at an ATM on his way to Andheri station.

So per NDTV Rahul made a last Minute decision to ride local train which left his security in cold sweat.

TOI also reported the incident though not as dramatic as NDTV. TOI reports In Mumbai, Rahul takes local line, derails Sena gameplan

Rahul Gandhi—in a move that sent out a strong political signal to regional parties like the Shiv Sena and the MNS—forsook the safety of a chopper ride and chose to take the local train to move around in Mumbai for a couple of political functions on Friday.

So Media wants us to believe that Rahul Gandhi breaks security cordon without any forewarning to security personnel.

But it seems fact is something different. Rahul Gandhi himself inadvertently let the cat out in one of his interviews about his breaking of security cordons. Rahul Gandhi's press conference in Kolkata(Part-1) 25th April 2009

It is agreed with my security people that I will do that and they chose a place from the area where I was allowed to do that. I’m not actually breaking security. It is discussed with my security people and they allowed me…

So these much publicized Rahul breaking security cordon to meet common man is all stage managed to nth degree!

Also, Following is the picture of a non peak Mumbai  local train.


Now look at the screen Grab of train Rahul traveled. Have you ever seen a Mumbai local so empty.


Reminds me of Sarojini Naidu’s comment

To keep Mahatma Gandhi poor, we have to destroy treasures. His poverty is very costly.

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