Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Media Are you sure?

Indian Media has gone to town claiming Congress sells its way to Rs 600 cr corpus

The oldest political party, Congress, generated Rs 598.4 crore during 2007-08 and 2008-09 through the sale of coupons 

Now this gets me thinking….

India's total population in 2009 was 119.8 crore. lets do some maths

Option 1: Every Indian Citizen would have brought coupon worth Rs 4.99. 

Option 2: Since it is not practically possible for every Indian to pay Rs 5 to INC, lets assume 37%  of Indians i.e Vote percentage of INC bought coupons. That would mean 44 Crore Indian brought coupons worth Rs 15 from congress!!

I leave it to readers to make their own judgment.


  1. bogus coupons,black money rerouted,by scanning it accounts and tapping.

  2. Even if every voter who voted for congress bought a coupon that would still amount to 27% only. now lets take 37 % of that which be a right number.

  3. Do they keep logs of who bought coupons? What is the denomination of the coupon/s? If one cannot account for who bought a coupon and the amount on the coupon then one may conclude that this is indeed a fraudulent claim.