Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IBN & its famed Restrain

On Sept. 11, 2010 Pakistan flag was hoisted at lal Chowk by Kashmiri separatists. Shockingly, none of Media houses reported this incident. When questioned, IBN Editor in chief retorted to us in twitter
@i_panchajanya is the aim of a channel to exercise restraint, or to inflame passions? we live in troubled times. 
Noble intentions indeed. How can one question the need for ‘restrain’ during these troubled times. Though doubt lingers on what was Rajdeep worried about? Was he worried that this act by few mislead youth in Kashmir can cause communal trouble in rest of India or was IBN worried that visuals of Kashmiri protestors hoisting enemy flag in Indian territory will cause adverse impact on peace moves which UPA was planning?
Its not first time IBN has demonstrated such noble intentions. Last time they exercised similar restrain when CNN-IBN did not telecast trust vote sting as they felt the story was not complete and their rigorous editorial protocol demanded that even a hidden camera shoot is absolutely water-tight. I hope Rajdeep will excuse some of less mortals who ‘stupidly’ believe on ‘speculation based on hearsay, conjecture and mere guess-work’ that IBN chickened out under intense pressure from UPA.
Having seen such fine examples of restrain by IBN, I was intrigued by following news  at http://ibnlive.in.com
The headline read Ram temple in Ayodhya will solve the issue: RSS. It also  quotes Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat
"A nation's identity is based on Ram. There is a lot of suspicion in society. Issues can be solved by building Ram temple. If a Muslim supports building temple, no one will accuse him of being a traitor,"
Tough words indeed which can infuriate any person. I wonder why IBN didnot show their exemplary restrain while reporting this. Especially since Ram Janam Bhoomi issue has been one of most contentious issue India is facing during ‘these trouble times’ and when nation waits for Sept 24 verdict with batedbreath
Its more intriguing considering none of Media Houses has reported the above para. In fact, most of Media houses reported Bhagwatji saying
RSS' response to the verdict will be "within the limits of law, Constitution and democratic way."
"Hamare taraf se koi jhanjhat nahi hoga (there will be no trouble from our side). We don't want any type of divide in society, we don't see it as a Hindu-Muslim dispute but an issue of respect of our national values...in fact, if the temple is built there, it will help in integration of the society."
Noble words indeed. Words which can have calming effect on the society.
India Express: Response to Ayodhya suit verdict will be within law: Bhagwat
DNA: Response to Ayodhya suit verdict will be within law: Mohan Bhagwat
Finally, Rediff has reported what Bhagwat actually said
If tomorrow, Muslims say that let the temple be built then nobody will be able to say in India that Indian Muslims are 'foreign-bound'. (Bharat main koi nahin kahe sakega ke yahan ka Muslman videsh-parsat hai)!"
Lastly, Bhagwatji captured did capture the essence of Sangh
Whoever wants to see 'Bharat mata ki jai' in this world can join any branch of the RSS.
Please note the source of IBN news is CNN-IBN while for IE & DNA its PTI


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