Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TOI says Security men ‘KILL’ civilians

Todays entry to Hall of SHAME is shocking article “For the first time, securitymen kill more civilians than terrorists in J&K” from TOI which paints an extremely negative image of our armed forces.

Lets start with the headlines. It reads “For the first time, securitymen kill more civilians than terrorists in J&K”. The headline sounds as if deaths were an deliberate act by security personnel. Also, how can a crowd throwing rocks at security personnel, burning police stations resulting in death of security personnel be called civilian? These are terrorists who carry stone instead of guns. 
As if this is not enough TOI rollsout statistics in shocking way -
According to the latest statistics, the number of civilians killed in firings by security forces is almost three times the number of those killed in actions by terrorists.
I am not sure how can TOI even compare these two data!! Not a word that these unfortunate deaths were result of police trying to enforce curfew or taking action against stone throwers.
The real intention of the article is revealed  in the sixth & seventh para
Sixth para reads
The government would be looking at several steps in the political and security spheres to assuage the high level of resentment among people in the Valley. Among the possible steps are a joint parliamentary delegation to Kashmir, some conciliatory steps on the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and further administrative changes. 
This means UPA government wants to dilute Armed Forces Special Powers Act. So Congress lead UPA is the good boy./
Things get interesting in seventh para -
However, the CCS could see the Army putting up a strong defence of AFSPA saying its withdrawal would have adverse impact on the situation.
This means Army will oppose dilution AFSPA and Army is the bad boy!
So if we read sixth & seventh para together. UPA Govt wants to dilute AFSPA , its the ARMY which is opposing it!!! So UPA govt is the good boy in the scheme of things and Army gets the bad boy tag!
TOI finishes the article by quoting an anonymous Senior officer
Another argued that the government needs to study the crowd control patterns of the state police and CRPF. "Are they really following SOPs for crowd control? I doubt it,"
I am not sure what message TOI wanted to convey with this quote? Is TOI indicating that Security personnel is playing Rambo? As every org without a SOP will be playing Rambo!!

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