Saturday, September 11, 2010

Secular Media did not see this


Pak flag

Pakistani flag was hoisted today at Lal Chowk of Kashmir.

Hindu reported the incident as

Kashmiri protestors hoist a flag on to a clock tower in Srinagar on Saturday

Hindu just saw ‘a flag’ being hoisted from lal chowk! poor fellows didnot even realize that its a pakistan flag!

IBN reports one person getting  injured as he fell down while putting up flag but guess the reporter missed looking at which flag was being hoisted!

AFP is only news network which reported the incident. They reported

Protesters streamed towards Lal Chowk where they hoisted green Islamic and Pakistani flags atop a clock tower, shouting: "Our nation, we'll decide its fate

Shockingly, Rajdeep Sardesai Editor-in-Chief justified his actions as under

IBN_Pak Flag

Pakistani flag for reference


  1. Shows how ignorant our journalists and media is today. They no longer even recognize the flags of various nations of the world.

    They should all be sent back to school to learn the basic lessons.

    Secularism has come to be defined as negating the majority community in India, glossing over all act which are against the nation and humanity by a section of our society.

    The media is accentuating the sense of victimhood and also emboldening the anti national activities by this section of the society.

  2. Ignorant is the wrong term. Correct term should be MALICE.
    They are doing what they are paid to do. To present a narrative that they have always presented. To prove themselves as a secular.

  3. I could not understand your concern over this. Had media not exercised 'restrain' over this particular incident...don't you think it would have agitated the people living in other parts of the country. Plus we still are unsure about September 24... and secularism is for religions not for the countries.

  4. THere were some flags of Palestine also.... u didn't see them ... oh u people so poor at recognizing flags....

  5. @scadza,

    Being charitable is second nature to us. word ignorant describes them better since many of them do need to further education on many subjects that they report on. Little knowledge is far more dangerous than no knowledge.

    This link will take to you another blog which is dealing with Media in particular.

    Happy reading.

  6. Rajdeep did not blink an eyelid when a statement was made by Varun Gandhi or Narendra Modi.

    Hypocrites. Their burkhas are up.

  7. We are ruled by Gray Britishers/Pakistani agents(diggy) and the likes... Please get up now..