Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Kalmadi Snub a day keeps CWG baiters happy

After PM Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi team, its time for cabinet secretary to snub Kalmadi

NDTV gleefully reports in its article Now, Cabinet Secretary snubs Kalmadi

In what is being seeing as another snub for the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee Chairman, Suresh Kalmadi, Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrashekhar hosted a 'thanks giving' dinner on Friday where most CWG officials were invited, except Kalmadi.

But look who attended the thanksgiving

The dinner was attended by the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Lt Governor Tejender Khanna and the Sports Minister MS Gill.

Does this mean the people who attended the dinner are above suspicion. Now lets look at the facts -

According to the information received in response to an RTI application, out of the total of 22 projects, following are the projects under investigation -

  • Highest of 6 were being carried out by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
  • 4 by Delhi Development Authority
  • 3 by Organising Committee
  • 2 by Municipal Corporation of Delhi
  • 2 by Central Public Works Department
  • 2 by Government of Delhi.
  • 1 by  Department of Commerce
  • 1 by Indian Meteorogical Department 
  • 1 by New Delhi Municipal Council 

An analysis by Chief Technical Examination Wing of CVC earlier found alleged financial and administrative irregularities in 16 construction and procurement projects.

  • 6 of them were done by PWD
  • 3 by MCD
  • 2 by CPWD
  • 2 by DDA
  • 2 by NDMC
  • 1 by RITES, a Government of India Enterprise

So it seems that majority of projects which are under investigation were not under Kalmadis control. Makes one wonder is there a conspiracy to demonize Kalmadi while letting bigger fishes escape?

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  1. Kalmadi is a front man and the only way to spare favourites is to keep focus on Kalmadi.