Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Effort brings results





Thanks for twitterati who went out of way to spread the word. Media Watch also would like to thank Rajdeep for being Honest. We would kindly request Rajdeep to issue a clarification to remove the misconception caused due to this ‘misinformation’ at IBN website.

Sangha Shakti Kaliyuge.


  1. This just about settles the issue for all those who doubted their ability and the collective power at their disposal.

    If you get together you can change just about anything in your life and in the life of your Nation do not stop here take this process forward demand accountability from the Government for its actions and inactions.

    Yes you can be the change if you want to be.

    Hats off to I_panchajanya.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. My problem is not what happens to the person.I will continue to feel sad the way media is sensationalising issues for political gains and resulting into loss of media credibility.

  3. Very wellsaid - Sangha Shakti Kaliyuge. This is need of hour. Reg Rajdeep's acknowledgement, all I can say is that his mentioning of same in website will not do. He needs to do it whereever he reported it wrongly( if at all). Question is, why did he reported like that ? He is as "harami" as anyone...

  4. some more about this media reengineering they twist the things, make zero a hero and hero to zero

    read it here....... and ---interview of such secular reporter on ayodhya verdict

  5. great internet hindus rocks ! the media is gonna s...k soon !!