Friday, October 15, 2010

Success has many friends

Back after a bout of health issues which is safely behind.

It seems phrase ‘success has many friends’ is literally coming true. It was only few weeks back, CWG stared at us as a bad dream gone really bad.  No one from India's ruling junta wanted to get caught even dead near anything associated with CWG. But that's all yesterday. Now it seems that every one who is anyone in ruling junta wants to be seen cheering athletes.

Hindustan Times in their article Awesome experience as Sonia, Rahul drop by writes

Even the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and son Rahul, who sat in the general stand to soak in the atmosphere, would vouch for the utter magic that engulfed the hockey stadium. Just for a brief moment, the crowd was awed by the presence of the political icons of the country.

Crowd awed by presence of political icons! So HT has elevated Rahul and his mummy Sonia to political icons of this country along side likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel etc.

The telegraph in their article Sunday surfeit, led by Sonia - First big turnout and loud cheers at games write

The Commonwealth Games got its first big turnout today, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi leading the charge of the fan brigade to put a smile on the faces of organisers complaining about the capital refusing to see beyond cricket.

They then also quoted a spectator

Only those in the rows close to where they were seated noticed them at first. The rest did not have a clue that they were around. But once word spread, spectators around us were looking more at mother and son cheering the team loudly than following the action on the field.

Several spectators said Sonia seemed more excited about the Indian victory than Rahul, standing up every few minutes to cheer and clap

Perhaps Hockeys may not be forte of Rahul who according to media is an avid fan of kickboxing, Race BikingRifle shooting and several other games

Finally, I am not sure why media is underplaying Sonia Gandhi’s presence during the Hockey Finals match where India suffer worst defeat ever in hockey both PM Dr Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi were among those who were cheering for the team. In fact Hindustan Times in their article Manmohan Singh cheers for India in hockey even omitted Sonias names from the list of people who were present at the venue.

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