Saturday, October 9, 2010

NDTV & TOI raises the bar

This is certainly hilarious stuff. It cant get better(or worse) than this.

First NDTV thinks a athlete hugging Rahul Gandhi should be their headline news. But Pièce de résistance is NDTV claim that boxer kept waving at Rahul during his bout! So NDTV thinks Vijender was waving at Rahul more than giving punches to opponent! I hope the reporter didnot confuse punching with waving..

The medal rounds haven't started but Rahul Gandhi decided to stop by to watch the bouts. Vijender Singh clearly seemed thrilled since he kept waving to the Congress general secretary during his bout.

If NDTV has published this news how can you expect TOI to be lagging in race? They have also published this news Boxer Vijender gets VIP support and as usual TOI language was more flowery.

Rahul Gandhi and his brother-in-law Robert Vadra lustily cheered Vijender Singh during his boxing bout on Friday.

Cheered lustily!! I guess TOI might have accidently pasted a word which they meant to use for their other usual articles in TOI website such as these

TOI also informs us

Gandhi, who is also an avid fan of kickboxing, and Vadra can be seen trying to get one-up on each other in their racing bikes in Gurgaon.



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  1. Well, too bad for Vijender. Since he kept waving at Rahul-baba "during" his bout, he lost it!