Sunday, November 28, 2010

HT says Priyanka Inspiring winter wardrobe

In an news article Priyanka Gandhi: Look of the season HT analyses the fashion sense of priyanka gandhi!

The best para, I liked was

City youngsters, too, are giving a thumbs-up to this look, which is already inspiring their winter wardrobe.

Disgusting is the word which comes to mind! SHAME HT



  1. Dear Priyankee,

    You look like a tramp after sleeping in. Strutting around and looking serious doesn't make you Indira Gandhi.

    In any case it is 2010 - Mrs. Indira Gandhi is history and so are you.

  2. This is what the media reporting has come down to.?

  3. So are we all going in for plastic surgery also.

    All clone her not just in dress but also in looks.

    Guess media has nothing better to do. Follow them around like slaves and then hype it up so that more slaves can be born in India.

    Get a life on. this country is more than just 1 family.