Sunday, November 28, 2010

Secular reporting at its best

This entry to Media Hall of Shame is a news report pertaining to tussle between locals of Hiregutti village in Uttara Kannada district and National Highway authorities. To widen NH-17 into a four-lane highway, the National Highway authorities are attempting to shift the temple, much to the opposition of locals.

Times of India reports in Sangh opposes eviction of Brahma temple

The eviction of a religious place which has "encroached upon public property" has kicked up dust at Hiregutti village in Kumta taluk of Uttara Kannada district.

The Hindu reports Locals threaten authorities against shifting temple

The clearance of places of worship built illegally on public property has kicked up a row in Hiregutti village of Kumta taluk in Uttara Kannada district.

How can one oppose widening of NH for an inconsequential temple build “illegally on Public property”

Now lets consider some other facts tucked in later parts of the news.

It seems the temple was established during the Kadamba dynasty. Whats was left unsaid was Kadamba dynasty was founded by in 345 CE and was prominent till 525 CE. Yes you heard it right the said inconsequential temple is centuries old! Just to put things in perspective Charminar the most famous mosque and monument in  Hyderabad which also stands in middle of road was build in 1591 a full 1000 year later.

Now we at Media Watch have few questions to reporter and Media houses who published this news

1. How can a temple build in the time period 345 CE - 525 CE be considered to be “illegally on Public property” considering the fact modern India itself was established in 1947!

2. If Charminar which came up a century later can remain on the road why cant Highway authorities find a way to extend the road without destroying the temple! Shoudnt a centuries old temple be considered national heritage





  1. HINDUS gets their arse kicked by a CON regime that at the center who, as has become evident, has taken oath only to LOOT the Country, deprive and destroy its cultural fabric and promote predominance of Minorities any which way they can in the name of vote bank politics!

    Do we, HINDUS, have any say in our own country when compared to a Muslim or a Christian? When we human beings have no right or say, where will our Gods have?


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