Monday, September 20, 2010

Media behavior as we Countdown to RJB Verdict on Sept 24.

Sept 16: IBN  face the nation topic is “whether the urban educated class is anti-Muslim.”

Sept 16: IBN Cobrapost conducts investigation “Is there an anti-Muslim bias in urban housing societies?” and arrives at conclusion

A Cobrapost special investigation report has revealed that Muslims in Indian metro cities find it difficult to get accommodation. There are certain societies in some cities that do not rent out to members of particular communities.

This controversy is not new.This was first raised by Shabana Azmi in 2008 when in an interview she claimed that she and her husband Javed Akhtar could not buy a flat in Indian city of Mumbai due to religious discrimination. In the same interview, She had even claimed that

Indian democracy unfair to Muslims

But according to some in film fraternity, she owns not 1 not 2 but four flats in Juhu, and a house in Khandala. The fact remains, there are certain Parsi societies that do not allow non-Parsis. In Bandra, there are many societies that do not allow non-Christians. There are some who do not allow Hindus who eat non-vegetarian food. This doesn’t mean secularism and democracy of our country is in danger

The question remains why is IBN is broadcasting such sensitive issues during such ‘troubled times’?


Sept 17: News Broadcasters' Association (NBA) issues guidelines for electronic media asking them not to speculate about the judgement and not to show the footage of 1992 Babri Masjid demolition.

Sept 19: NDTV discussed Ayodhya verdict: Time for closure?

During the program shows the pre demolition Babri structure. Is this not violation of spirit of NBA guidelines? if you cant show footage of demolition how can you show pre-demolition structure? What was the purpose?


Sept 21: IBN News Congress anxiously waiting for Ayodhya verdict

Are we allowed to ask what is this picture doing in a news on congress & Ayodhya Verdict?


Sept 24: India Today - SC puts amity before Babri Masjid verdict

NBA guideline clearly says not to show not to show the footage of 1992 Babri Masjid demolition. but India Today violates the spirit of directive and shows pic with Karsewaks on Top of disputed structure.


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  1. NBA is a POST RETIREMENT REHABILITATION measure for Retired Senior members of Judiciary ... LACKS teeth ... In fact it is just a sham to show that Gov has done something ...