Monday, September 20, 2010

Sagarika has to elaborate

CNN IBN journalist Sagarika Ghose asks -

jama masjid shooting. wonder who most wants the cwg games to fail? which group would most want to see UPA discredited?

Very intriguing question Indeed. Please reread the question. Question is “which group would most want to see UPA discredited?” NOT India but UPA. Since Sagarika didnot explain what she had in mind while asking this questions. Lets try to speculate -

1. Does Sagarika think some group has done this ghastly act to discredit UPA? 

2. Since question is not about discrediting India as a whole, Does it mean it was carriedout by local organization in India?

3. One of first questions every investigative org would ask - who will gain the most by discrediting UPA? Which naturally would be political rival of UPA?\

Questions galore.. Media watch sincerely hope Sagarika would explain to nation what she meant? One donot expect vain words from a senior journalist like her. 



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  1. It is a mischievous tweet which equates UPA to india and unneccsarily is poiting fingers at opposition party. AVERY GRAVE ALLEGATION WHICH SHE OUGHT TO CLARIFY .