Friday, September 24, 2010

Is Media raising ‘CWG Bribery’ issue as smoke Screen?

Congress and CWG organization committee is under intense scrutiny for CWG preparations fiasco. It is only expected to see a diversionary tact

Indian Media has lapped up a report in Australian media that India bribed 72 Commonwealth countries $100,000 each to get the hosting rights.  Media in India has not even bothered to inform their readers the facts about this alleged ‘Bribe’. Is it because the Rights to host was won by NDA regime?

Here are the facts -

1. There were 2 counties in last round, New Delhi, India and Hamilton, Canada

2. Canadian offer of $3.8 million; India bettered the offer to USD 7.2M to ‘train athletes’ of  72 member  countries 

3. New Delhi won 46 votes to Hamilton's 22 in a secret ballot

All this is public information and most of media carried this news at that point of time.

The Hindu reported India to host 2010 Commonwealth Game

India made a last-minute offer before the vote on Thursday to give $7.2 million to train athletes — bettering a Canadian offer of $3.8 million.

PTI reported New Delhi wins bid to host 2010 Commonwealth Games.

India's last minute offer of USD 7.2 million for athlete training tilted the scale in its favour as New Delhi got overwhelming support from member countries to host the 2010 Commonwelath Games.

All this makes one wonder why Indian Media not refuting such mischievous reports coming from foreign media? One can be excused if we suspect that motive of this ‘expose’ to create a smokescreen to deflect attention from current problems

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