Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NDTV links everything to Babri Masjid

NDTV in an article How the Babri demolition changed politics is trying to link almost every violent incident in India to Babri Masjid Demolition

From the Mumbai riots of 1993 to the Karsevak linked Gujarat riots of 2002 to this attack on a temple, interrogation reports of alleged perpetrators always have one constant refrain - the Babri mosque demolition as a motivator.

Though there are several objectionable sections in this article, for the time being I will focus only on passage ‘Karsevaks linked gujarat riots’. So we read carefully the passage NDTV is saying ‘Babri mosque demolition was motivator for perpetrators of Karsevaks linked gujarat riots’

Now this opens up several interesting questions -

1. Is NDTV finally admitting that a crime was committed on karsevaks and motivation for same was ‘Babri Masjid demotion’?

2. Since NDTV has linked almost every violent incident in India to Babri Masjid demolition, is NDTV subscribing to action-reaction theory? In that case what is NDTV’s view on Gujarat riot which was reaction to Godhra Train Carnage

3. Why cant NDTV extend the action-reaction theory to ‘demotion of Ram Janambhoomi Mandir’ by Babar?

4. Wont it be logical to say babri masjid demotion occurred due to demolition of Ram Janabhoomi Temple which in turn led to other incidents as narrated by NDTV? so isnt the source of problem demolition of Ram Janambhoomi Temple?



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