Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet Amaresh Misra, The secular reporter

Some of the information in this blog is times as it was written a year back immediately after 2611 in one of other blogs. This is being republished here as the subject is even relevant today as a result of claims by congress leader Digvijay Singh

As nation grappled to formulate a credible response to 26/11 a section of society has started its usual ranting.

Immediately after 2611, Amaresh Misra who claims to be a freelance writer, historian and poet writes in counter current a rabid left website in India claiming that Mumbai Terror Attack was handiwork of Anglo-American-Mossad-RSS Nexus! Incredibly, he also says

Somehow surprising to learn that the terrorists in Cama hospital in Mumbai were fluently speaking Marathi.

He also claims that

The attackers would not have come from the sea route without some kind of a connivance of Gujarat and Maharashtra Governments with the terrorists, and the connivance of RSS type Hindutva elements as I will prove later in the piece.

His ranting post 2611 is not an aberration, now immediately after Varanasi blast, he has released a statement wich indicated Varanasi blast as a handiwork of Mayawai Govt.. He in a statement released to the media on Saturday claimed

"Why did it occur at a time when Mayawati government is in the dock for Rs 2 lakh crore foodgrain scam in which the CM is being held personally responsible for smuggling grain meant for the poor. Was the Varansi blast meant to divert attention from the foodgrain scam?" he asked. Incidentally, the period of the scam being probed right now is 2004-07 when the Mulayam government was in the power in UP.

He also raised questions on credibility of security agencies

"It is known that Indian Mujahideen was a fake entity created by communal anti-national vested interests in the Indian security agencies and most boys from Azamgarh may have been framed. Given the scenario isn't it strange that the ATS under Mayawati, instead of giving relief to Azamgarh boys, is hell-bent on naming them in the Varanasi blast?

Now you would be wondering who this Amaresh mishra is? Is he really a  Indian? Well hold your breath... He is the poster boy of Secular press in India. According to reports, He has also been handpicked by Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh to head the party’s Anti-Communal Front. He accompanied Digvijay on his controversial trip to Azamgarh, and he also accompanied Digvijay Singh to meet P Chidambaram and Sonia Gandhi to discuss Naxalism and the Batla House encounter in Delhi.

He is a regular writer in Outlook

He regularly writes editorial in The Hindu

He even contributes in Indian Express

If all this is not enough, he also manages to get himself photographed with Vice President Hamid AnsariP-237




  1. Amaresh Misra is now a Congress politician and this should be exposed to the well-read, urban masses of India.

  2. I am sure this must be a typo:
    COngress genreral secretary Digvijaya Singh...

  3. i read your article in times of india 21sep 2011 iam a surgeon & completely nonpolitical person but from the most popular newspaper i never expected a footlicking article of gandhian family which was completely farce & as far sir your identity is concerned you are not a historian not even an intellect but a pseudoeducated perhaps with roots belonging to bad lands of bihar or UP who has never rose above his castist identity

  4. yaar this idiot amaresh is from allahabad and all his friends know that he is an idiot. dont take him seriously he is not worth anything let alone journalism. he was caught in bed with his maid servant at 16 yr old by his mother rama mishra as per his neighbours in mumfortganj it is his father in law is an accused in rape n murder case. why give importance to this shit called amaresh misarwa.

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