Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is India Today official matchmaker of Rahul Gandhi?

Nation may be grappling with frivolous issues like 2G Scam, CWG Scam and Radia Tapes expose etc but it seems that India Today has got their priorities right. Afterall someone has to think and report on critical issues whom Crown Prince would marry!

India Today in their story Who'd be a perfect Mrs Rahul Gandhi? grapples with this complex subject. If India Today is to be believed

The most eligible bachelor of the country may soon be on his way to break a lot of hearts.

Media Watch assumes that this was written before Bihar results.

Since this being an event of international importance, India Today do spend some time on various options and the impact each option would have on international politics. for example according to Indian Today if he marries Fatima Bhutto Granddaughter of Pakistan's former PM late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto all issues between pakistan and India would be solved. Also, if its an Afghan bride it will benefit country in long run(like Akbar marriage with Jodha end a war). So I guess the toss is between stopping war in Afganistan or ending issues between pakistan and India. Media Watch is sure no bridegroom wannabe would have ever faced such a difficult choice.

But according to India Todays own assessment since “Rahul Gandhi believes in wooing people through their heart” he may listen to his heart

But according to expert cricketer Atul Wassan Rahul will marry someone who is intelligent. But Media Watch wonders where will Rahul Baba get a girl as intelligent as him?

Media watch wishes all the best to Rahul Baba in finding his best match and his quest in solving world hunger






  1. Sycophancy.
    A section of media will compromise to be in favour of the Gandhi family.We must be ashamed of the kind of write ups that appear.

  2. Crass journalism at its best !

    Rahul gandhi is 40 and appears to be going the Italian way of staying at home with Mom.

    Apparently Italians consider their father jesus christ mother to be virgin mary.
    they live on with that crap in their minds!
    And So will Rahul Vinci & Antonia Maino!

  3. is Burkha Dutt up for grabs....Rahul baba go for it ?

  4. The Author makes some ridiculous statements like
    breaking protocol (security cover) to prove what point ? that i think of it...He may be proving a point after all...Subramaniam swamy did say that rahul baba is not educated/intelligent.