Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did Media blackout what Omar actually said?

As I type this; most of Indian media today is reporting about “Protests in J&K Assembly over Omar's remarks‎” by BJP and NPP. However, it is intriguing that none of Indian media is reporting in detail Omars speech which has caused such anger among BJP and  NPP legislators. In fact, most of media is attributing it to his reply to saffron parties stand on J&K.

Times of India in its article Protests in J&K Assembly over Omar's remarks writes

In an apparent reference to the saffron party's stand that there was no dispute to be resolved with regard to Jammu and Kashmir, Omar had said if that would have been the case, there would have been no need for the Simla agreement, Lahore declaration and talks in Agra and Delhi.

At first glance, Its a fair statement by a mature statesman. But a detailed search of different news sources reveal a different and scary story. Since not even a single news media carried the speech in full, we have tried to piece together his speech by piecing together snippets from different news source. Some of key statements he made are captured

Statement 1: Kashmir is an Outstanding issue

India Today in their article Omar says J&K govt no puppet reports

At international fora, we have always referred to Kashmir as an outstanding issue and it needs to be resolved. New Delhi should initiate a dialogue process with both Islamabad and J&K. The Union home minister has rightly stated that J&K has entered into accession under unique circumstances and its solution has to be unique

So it seems Omar reemphasized that Kashmir is an outstanding issue. To the best of my knowledge India has always  stated that Kashmir(including Pakistan occupied Kashmir) is integral territory of India. If its integral territory of India how can it be an outstanding issue?

Statement 2:Kashmir has acceded but not merged

The Hindu in their article Don't compare J&K with other States: Omar  reports

“J&K is not like Junagadh or Hyderabad,” he said in the State Assembly. “These States first acceded to one country and then merged with it. J&K acceded to India in very unique circumstances and did not merge. Had we merged with India, we would not have had a special constitutional position.

India Today in their article Omar says J&K govt no puppet captures rest of statement reports

"Because J&K has never backed out from the agreements, the other side (government of India) is duty bound to fulfil its responsibilities

Can someone ask him which part of Indias responsibility have not it fulfilled? Please refer this facts and figures .

Economic Times in their report Omar's speech triggers ruckus in house, BJP member hurt further captures his statement 

A day after Abdullah said in the assembly that "the state has acceded through an agreement to India and not merged with it",

So it seems Omar is not claiming that Kashmir is not even merged with India. Are we allowed to ask a dumb question. How can Kashmir fully merge with India when you have Article 370 around and when Kashmiri women who marry men from other states can not even purchase land or property in Jammu & Kashmir.

Statement 3: Criticize BJP for "Kashmir is integral part of India" stance

Economic times report that Omar even slammed BJP's "Kashmir is integral part of India" stance.

Abdullah Wednesday also asked BJP members why they had often stated that Kashmir was an integral part of India and why they did not say the same about Tamil Nadu?

Errr… did BJP even not say TN is not integral part of India? Economic Times continues

The Hindu in their article Don't compare J&K with other States: Omar captures rest of statement reports

When you repeat this again and again that means you have doubts in your heart... After claiming that J&K is an integral part, you talk about the removal of Article 370 [special status for the State].

India Today completes this statement by capturing his finishing lines

"It seems you have a doubt about it and you want to reassure yourself. Hence the repetition of the slogan,

So according to Omar "Kashmir is integral part of India" is a mere slogan!

Statement 4: Kashmir is not a developmental issue

News track in their article Chaos in J-K Assembly over Omar Abdullah's speech report

"Kashmir was an outstanding issue which needs to be resolved. It is a political issue and cannot be addressed through development, employment or good governance only

Now it seems that the rage of BJP and NPP legislators are very valid. This raises several very concerning questions about Media in india

  1. Why is media underplaying such an outrageous speech by chief minister of a state? This is the same media which hailed Omar Abdullah as secular messiah for his 10 minute speech in Loksabha. His statatements were discussed and published threadbare.
  2. Please notice the headlines of all news media. How its is mellowed down and donot address the core issue.
  3. One must also remember same media blacked out purposefully Pakistan flags being hoisted in Kashmir!

I have tried to be exhaustive in my search but if readers notice something more which needs to be added here and something wrong please let me know

Tail piece: NDTV website has no mention of this and it seems they are still engrossed with Shielas racial slur and BJP’s trouble in Karnataka. 


  1. Kashmir problem can only be solved by scraping the dirty article 370, and allow RSS there, Or else by Army with full powers

  2. Omar is Rahul's darling and Rahul is the media's darling. Omar is Rahul's chosen secular messiah and Rahul is the media's chosen secular messiah. Hence the Burkhas and the Turdesais will continue to ignore and overlook the transgressions of the babalog, because, you see, secular mata could be usurped by Bharat mata if they don't.