Monday, October 4, 2010

When flowery language is distasteful

This covers a article in TOI 'For the first time I've seen a politician who is totally clear about what he wants'

Though the core thrust of article is questionable, Media watch will not comment on it as those are opinion of private individual. Our objection is towards the flowery language used by TOI to describe Rahul Gandhi

In a classic throwback to his familial predecessors, Rahul, too, is driven by the need to know and internalise the strengths and weaknesses, genius and handicaps, naivete and guile of a people he is expected to lead. He is the king-apprentice . Rahul’s great-grandfather , Jawaharlal Nehru, had done the same on returning to India from England at the age of 21. His grandmother, Indira Gandhi, did it under the tutelage of her father. Rahul’s father, Rajiv Gandhi, too had embarked on a similar enterprise — one that proved abortive thanks to Indira’s assassination and his sudden elevation to the top job

What kind of language is this? One donot expect to see such language from a national newspaper in a democratic country.

The accompanying picture is also amusing. What has Rahul carrying load got to do with Party election?

This picture was first published by Hindu exactly 2 years back under heading Lending a hand. We cannot understand the significance of this picture in this article. By the way, following is analysis of the picture also

Who is he fooling_thumb[3] 


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  1. The Electronic & Print Media have become brand ambassadors of political and religious establishments. An affinity is understandable, though not according to media ethics, but the extent to which some of them stretch themselves to is ludicrous. NDTV, CNNIBN etc are patronizing the communications media by discharging news that they are 'paid' to communicate. And that is as good as being immoral - to me. There should be accountability. Ever since CON came to power, the entire media class has been behind the Gandhi family, relentlessly advertising them as the dynastic that is ordained to rule India and none other. Are we to bear the burden of an uneducated dynasty just for the sake of a name tag? Is this the 21t century India proclaimed to be the next super power? The Gandhis are brilliant actors and aided by our media, they become jokers in the least and asses at the worst. If they carried some dignity or shame, they should have moved away from this resplendent sycophancy that they are becoming to be. The picture above itself depicts the idiosyncrasy of a hyped future PM, along with his advisors I must say, to be photographed in Nike Keds and plastic basket while the poor lady in front is nowhere near that luxury. Further, what is the message....that a future PM will be working with the laborers? How ridiculous? I pity ourselves.