Thursday, November 4, 2010

If Nikki Haley is Amritsars Why is Sonia not Italy’s?

As expected Indian Media has gone GaGa over Nikki Haley winning the governorship of South Carolina

However, NDTV headline Amritsar's Nikki Haley is South Carolina Governor takes the cake.

This Report on Nikki Haley will give you an Idea of how Indian she is!

So the question We at Media watch want to ask is if NDTV can call Nikki Haley Amritsar’s why cant they say Sonia Gandhi Italy’s?



  1. Because, in India, especially some of the TV channels, are favourites of congress.Such media, dare not write a word which may hurt the sentiments of congress.
    They would hate to be in bad books of congress.

  2. does it matter actually.... Nikki Halley now has as much to do with India and Indian politics as Sonia Gandhi has to do with Italian politics and policies!! you would be better advised to rake up better issues then to moan about non issues... Say if any of the prominent media houses says Sonia Gandhi of Italy how will it change the status quo as it stands in Indian politics?