Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HT take the Headline War to new levels

Hindustan Times has taken the Media Headline War Against RSS to new level! In their Article BJP invites terror accused to talk nationalism HT claims

The BJP’s minority morcha (wing) has invited RSS national executive member Indresh Kumar — whose name has been mentioned in the Ajmer blast charge sheet — to address its minority delegates on the subject of nationalism.

Please note shocking difference between headline and body. Headline claims ‘terror accused’ while body says ‘name has been mentioned’. HT needs to understand mentioning someone's name in chargesheet does not make them accused.



  1. By coming with such headlines,HT is only proving it's loyalty to a political party.But, it is time media also understood one fact that people can not be taken for granted any more nor can they be fooled for long.People,even at a district level have seen the level of governance and corruption in the last 6 yrs.
    It is but natural for pro establishment media to mis guide the readers

  2. What else can you expect from a newspaper which has Mr. Vinod Sharma as its Political Editor. Fundamentalist to the core, it is difficult to differentiate between him and the jihadi since both display the same mind set.

    I have been reading this newspaper for over 40years the depths of sycophancy it has touched must surely be the lowest.

    It has damaged it own credibility and if stays on this path it will be lost for ever.

    Editorial are the area which should be used for peddling themselves instead they have converted the newspaper into a den of misinformation.