Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seems Rahuls deadly smile' that floors fair brigade in Patna didnot work afterall

Back after grappling with health issues. Thanks for all the wishes.

As I type this blog; history is being made in Bihar. JDU-BJP combine has swept the election. I leave it to people more enlightened than me to write in detail about analysis results. However, I would like to bring out one small but critical point which would further highlight the dubious nature of media reporting during Bihar electioneering

Sometime back Times of India published a feature Rahul's 'deadly smile' floors fair brigade at Patna College in which they reported how the fair brigade of  Bihar were mesmerized by charm of Rahul Gandhi all because of his dynasty, good looks and charm. I am highlighting some relevant portions of the article

''Oh, he's so cute!'' and ''gosh, he's charming!'' The blend of pedigree, politics and his genteel manners had them floored. Someone was even heard saying, ''He's got a deadly smile, my god!''

B Com final year student Samira Fatima could not get over his peaches 'n' cream complexion. ''Rahul is very cute,'' she drooled

If the above feels distasteful, the following line takes the cake

Shweta Punj, a BCom second year student, had googled for info on him and tossed and turned in bed the night before in anticipation of the great meeting.

I am sure the reporter who wrote this would have a very good future as script writer of B Grade movies. It is really shocking how a national newspaper can even publish such a article. 

Coming back to Bihar elections, perhaps for first time in Bihar during this election Women voters outnumbered men voters.

The Election Commission statistics said that in 23 of the 38 districts of Bihar, women outnumbered men in voting while in nine districts, the turnout of voters was more than 60 per cent. Authorities said the overall poll percentage of female voters was 54.85 per cent against an average 50.70 per cent for male voters.

Now, if one were to believe Times of India, Considering that fact that Fairer sex were so mesmerized by congress that Congress should have swept the elections as according. But it seems the fairer sex who even lost their sleep over rahul didnot vote for congress



  1. It is time , media and politicians understood the mood of the voters. Unfortunately,voter is one element in the power equation who has been been always taken for granted.Why is every one blind o reality of Bihar's development?
    Too much is being made of Rahul.Pl.He is a below average man with ambitions.He has a long way to go.

  2. "The blend of pedigree, politics and his genteel manners had them floored."

    :O :O :O

    Only one line - "Pedigree is a famous dog biscuit brand!" :D :D