Thursday, November 25, 2010

Media Double Standards

After the Radia Tapes incident one would have expected media to mend its way to regain the confidence of nation but it seems nothing has changed its business as usual. This entry to the blog is to highlight the double standards media is adopting while reporting on land scams.

Apart from NDA sweeping Bihar polls two other events caught media attention yesterday. first was BJP deciding to let BSY continue as Karnataka CM and second N Kiran Kumar Reddy being elected 16th chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

While almost all the media reported and ranted repeatedly Sonia chorus about BJP double standards for not firing BSY. Not even single (repeat single) media house reported land scams of Kiran Reddy.

According to a TOI report Suicide attempt - Congress Chief Whip N. Kiran Kumar Reddy accused for Land grabbing ? published back in 2008, a farmer Madan Mohan Reddy created a sensation by climbing a tower and threatening to jump to death near Andhra Pradesh late Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy’s camp office. The reason : the then party’s chief whip Kiran Kumar Reddy encroached on his 2.5 acre land plot of land in Kaligiri village of Chittoor district and inspite of his meeting with YSR twice nothing happened. Also, He had twice climbed on to the tower and a tree in the past to draw the attention of the authorities to his problem. He was arrested and nothing was heard about this later. The same incident was reported by The Hindu also

The above is not an isolated incident. According to a report Whipped over Land Grab published by Tehelka early in 2006, Kiran Reddy was accused of encroaching upon vacant government land around his Jubilee Hills house. According to news published by the Hindu in 2006 report that encroached worth a whopping Rs. 6 crores was regularised in the name of Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy for a paltry sum of Rs. 3.76 lakh.Again nothing was heard about this later.

It is surprising that Media who even reported on his cricket prowess could not find this information available in public domain.





  1. How dare you conduct a poll without the venerable cHindu listed! What a sham. I'm outraged.
    Apparently the CM's job requirements has changed to experience in land grabbing, prostitution, racketeering, money laundering, kidnapping ...
    Looks like the new guys is pretty adept and a former cricketer to boot!

  2. Ha Ha... You are conducting a poll without the presence of "The Hindu" which is owned by N.Ram a communist and a sinophile. Hindu is one of the worst newspapers on the earth which publishes the most irritating columns. Without The Hindu's presence the list is not at all complete.

  3. All apologies for missing The Hindu...It was a memory lapse.

  4. This Blog should be renamed as mediashameonHindu / DoubleStandard on BJP. You say media is biased but as a matter of fact if you go through your post you will understand how biased you yourself are. You posts are centered around those articles that offend hindus or BJP or Sangh paribar...its time for you to judge yourself instead of judging news channels. Are you unbiased enough to conduct this sort of surveys!! Think from your heart and answer.