Friday, December 10, 2010

Media seems to have wrong Priorities

It seems Media in India has totally different priorities.

Whole country knows Parliament is standstill for last 21 days. Reason: Opposition wants an JPC enquiry into Massive 2G Scam and Congress instead of relenting, is trying to dilute the demand.

If you are a parent, you would normally be worried on effect of such massive corruption on moral values of an innocent child. But it seems Media instead is worried on what would a child think when he sees protest against corruption will have! 

NDTV in their News Students watch unruly MPs in Parliament report how

how Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman K Rehman Khan today appealed to Opposition members to restore order in the House which witnessed uproar over the 2G spectrum issue for 21 days.


"School children are watching you".

Hindustan Times in their Article Students bemused by unruly MPs in RS also takes a same. line

If given an option what would  media  expect the child to see. A opposition blind and mute towards such a massive corruption?

Please read the news to see the dramatization by media





  1. Such stories can easily be planted in major newspapers for a nominal amount. Most news media are loss-making ventures in India, yet one wonders every month there is a new channel or a newspaper launch that takes place. Media organizations have become an extortion device in India. Congress Party is one party that pays a lot of money to media organizations for writing in their favour.

  2. Media has lost it's credibility. At this stage even if they report positive news, in all probabilities , they will not be taken seriously.Recent expose on tapes has revealed as to how deep our journalists into the muck, stink, brokerage and fixers gang.