Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is NDTV trying to blindside Nation?

This entry to Media Hall of SHAME is NDTV take on latest material in Wikileaks which discussed how congress will indulge in caste/religious-based politics taking reference to AR Antulays statement post 2611

NDTV published the Wikileaks matter in toto in their article WikiLeaks: Congress party stung playing religious politics . They also highlighted a section which I guess they believed was most important section of the release.  They highlighted

The entire episode demonstrates that the Congress Party will readily stoop to the old caste/religious-based politics if it feels it is in its interest.

However, they chose to ignore a far more damaging section which read

While the killing of three high level law enforcement officers during the Mumbai attacks is a remarkable coincidence, the Congress Party's initial reaction to Antulay's outrageous comments was correct. But as support seemed to swell among Muslims for Antulay's unsubstantiated claims, crass political opportunism swayed the thinking of some Congress Party leaders. What's more, the party made the cynical political calculation to lend credence to the conspiracy even after its recent emboldening state elections victories. The party chose to pander to Muslims' fears, providing impetus for those in the Muslim community who will continue to play up the conspiracy theory.

It is interesting considering the fact that Guardian in their article US embassy cables: Mumbai conspiracy allegations 'outrageous' – US ambassador

The news published by NDTV WikiLeaks: Congress can stoop to old caste politics, says ex-US Ambassador to India on this regard also only give a miss to more damning section  but also missed mentioning congress playing religious politics when entire wikileak was focused on how congress played muslim card on AR Antulays statement.




How NDTV Highlighted


How Guardian Highlighted


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