Friday, August 27, 2010

Enter Rahul the reader… Sorry Leader

addressing a gathering of tribal people eager to welcome a champion as powerful as ‘Indira’s grandson’, marks a new stage in his political evolution.

Somebody as powerful has ‘Indira’s Grandson’!!… Errr I think to save time editor of ET cut and paste this para from some movie script.

this is the first time he has explicitly offered himself as a leader who would solve a particular constituency’s problems.

So does it mean that before this he was just bluffing?

This Rahul is different from the apprentice politician spending time in rural India, preferably Dalit homes, rambling on about Kalavatis while debating the dynamics of Indo-US nuclear politics and protesting that his first priority is organisational work.

So ET do agree that Rahul was Rambling when he debated Nuclear Deal. Not sure what the difference ET noticed this times?


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