Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rahuls Thunder & Opposition Rhetoric

Todays nomination to “Media Hall of Shame” is this article/feature/news (not sure where it should be categorized) by TOI on how Rahul Stole “Opposition Thunder”

First of all, I am confused with the headline itself. What do TOI mean by “Rahul steals opposition thunder”. Is INC not part of opposition in UP? May be TOI is confused because of fact that survival of UPA Govt at centre depends on support extended by BSP to it and till date UPA has not refused support from BSP.

According to TOI, Rahuls claim to fame is because

On Wednesday, Rahul stole the show by leading a farmers' delegation to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking his intervention to provide justice to farmers

May be I am not seeing it, there might be something great in leading a delegation of farmers to meet PM who is selected by his mummy

TOI further reports that during the meeting,

The delegation asked the prime minister to amend the archaic Land Acquisition Act, 1894,

Well TOI omitted a minor detail that land acquisition bill has been held up because of resistance from railway minister and Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee who opposed the acquisition of land at Singur for the now-aborted Singur project. There is little sign of Mamata changing her views on the pending bill.

And also, on their way back

the delegation also met Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Ok so he also took the team to his Mummy. Afterall which son donot like to showoff to his mummy. Hello Mom, I am home and by the way I have brought some farmers also..

And finally TOI explains how Rahul took away the cake

Significantly, all the Opposition parties are supporting farmers' agitation but are disunited over the issue, all trying to take credit for taking up farmers' cause. Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress held separate demonstrations on Wednesday in support of the statewide strike call given by the KSS. On Thursday, the Samajwadi Party (SP) will hold a demonstration in support of farmers all over the state while the RLD will hold its agitation in New Delhi. But Rahul seems to have taken away the cake.

Ok let me try to decipher what TOI is trying to say. Opposition Parties (Guess INC is not an opposition in UP) are disunited and all of them are trying to take credit(ok I get it….congress is doing all this only as social service). And then Rahul took cake by meeting his mummy and mummies appointed PM!



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  1. leson for us laymen,only lhul(idiot) baba and barmaid mom can show the right path to these scums in the govt.(as they are the pets of the family).