Friday, August 27, 2010

Hindustan Times & Hindu hits BJP below belt



Following is exactly what Rajnath has said.

"What other political parties are doing on farmers' related issue I will not comment on it. But people know who is the son of a farmer and who is the supporters of poor people”

I am not how this can be interpreted as attacking Rahul for supporting farmers agitation!

Guess its all influence of Gandhi… 

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  1. Now the media wants to gag all other political parties from speaking on any issue that little Gandhi shows an interest in.

    Public is already expressing it outrage at the way media is attempting to foist an individual whose sole claim to fame is his lineage. We are not willing to hand out the top job of this country on compassionate or sycophancy basis.

    Let the media put out his detailed resume for us to judge for ourselves if we should or not support a contender, at this point of time he is a pretender for all practical purposes.

    Leaders are not made by media they are only projected by it, substance is absent in this case.

    This link will take you more write ups on role of Media.