Monday, August 23, 2010

NDTV has its own version of Truth

On August 07, 2010 the right hand of a 24-year-old man was nearly severed by a gang, allegedly to wreck revenge for his questioning one of them for teasing his cousin sister.  All media channels reported this as another instance of deteriorating law and order situation.

But NDTV decided to add their own version into “sequence of events”. It seems they altered the original news from PTI and attributed this incident to RSS/BJP.

Coming just one month after shocking incident in which Professor TJ Joseph Moolvattupuzha's hand was chopped off by PFI Goons for allegedly framing a question paperthat insulted the prophet Mohammed, Perhaps, NDTV was trying for a balancing to cater to “secular” audience.


Express reports from same PTI source


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