Thursday, August 26, 2010

NDTV live telecast on rally of “Indias Avatar”


They even got the story line of avatar right 

Gandhi  has just landed in a helicopter…

Ultimate proof that HE is avatar

Naxals of Mirzapur, UP run for your life.... our Rambo Crown Prince is here to fight for his leoved people.


  1. to me Avtar -> antique piece not a normal human being insanely stupid. If RG is Avtar

  2. why give importance to this upstart like rahul gandhi.hashe got any plans for india development or road map.if any nobody xcept sonia maino or indira clone priyanka knows or may be NDTV.

  3. you have hit the jackpot.your blog will screw these unscrupulous liars.may you continue to hit them hard.