Sunday, August 29, 2010

Strange case of missing critical info in TOI News

Lets play a game.
Please read following two news published by TOI.
1. Ex-Arunachal CM Apang arrested for PDS scam
2. Lads office Raided
There is one common link between these two news items and strangely this very important common link is missing from both of these news item. Answer is very easy and I am sure you will figure it out but if you have missed it. The answer is in the end -

1. In the first news TOI do inform us that Gegong Apang is former Arunachal Pradesh chief minister. What TOI forgets to tell us Gegong belongs to Congress.
2. In the second news TOI do tell us that V S Lad Company is owned by Rajya Sabha member Anil Lad and MLA Santhosh Lad. Just like in previous case what TOI forgets to tell us is both belong to Congress. Also, minor detail last month, Congress MLA from Kalaghatgi (Karnataka) and mining magnate Santosh Lad was arrested at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai in connection with a cheating case. 
I can understand TOI missing to tell their readers party of MLA or rajya Sabha member but I am perplexed how can they miss telling us   party of CM of a state!
Thanks barbarindian for bringing to notice the “Lad office raided” case. you can follow barbarindian here


  1. toi thinks people r lives in time warp. a cong chamcha to thecore. had it been some BJP MAN toi would have written reamsanditsco chamchas in tv would have been debatinng and berating BJP.

  2. These PR Firms masquerading as media, Electronic and Print. They cannot sell a product which is flawed at inception.

    The net has provided all of us will the alternate to counter their falsehood and advertisement for 1 party and 1 individual.

    What goes round must come around! Law of the nature is infallible and retribution is often complete and total, nothing is left pending for another day.

    Listen they must to their political paymasters, not with both ears, one should be on the ground to hear the rumbling that is growing by the day and will affect them the most.