Friday, September 3, 2010

TOI gets most critical info wrong... again

This entry relates news articles pertaining to suspension of IAS officer C Umashankar on the charges of furnishing false information to obtain his community certificate. And how a “small change'” in critical info changes the complexion of news

TOI Reports the news Suspension revoked, IAS officer gets posting as
In a surprise move, the Tamil Nadu government late on Thursday revoked the suspension of dalit IAS officer C Umashankar on the charge of furnishing false information to obtain his community certificate.
New Indian Express also reports the same Story - Umashankar back in saddle. In this they also published Umasankars reaction to the new development. He says
The victory goes to Jesus Christ. I have put my full faith in Jesus Christ and the Lord has delivered me from the crisis. I thank all the newspapers, especially the New Indian Express, which stood by my side at the time of crisis. I thank all the Dalit organisations, Left parties, AIADMK and the PMK for supporting my cause."
So Mr. Umasankar is not so “Dalit” as TOI wants us to believe! And the difference it makes by addition of that single word!
Lastly, when reporting such important matters (Root cause of Kandhamal riots was exactly the above), we would have expected national news papers to conduct some investigation. But then why bother spending money in investigation when you can get away by just reporting ‘facevalue’
I dug up an old New India Express news on same issue. The NIE report  ''Umashankar did produce false certificate' mentions a letter which claims
Umashankar's parents Chellakani and Suganthi, though Hindus by birth, converted to Christianity and were Christians at the the time of their marriage. As such, Umashankar was a born Christian.
Umashankar converted to Hinduism on February 14, 1984 and applied for the issue of SC community certificate claiming that he was a 'reconvert' to Hindu religion and got the certificate on October 23, 1986.
Has any of so called ‘Investigative’ Journo even bothered to follow up on this. By the way, what special interest NIE has on this case that Umasankar is personally thanking NIE?
Personally I think this is a very suspicious case and if it is so it is shocking and this may be just tip of iceberg!

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  1. How can you reconvert to Hinduism ??

    Hinduism has no funda of converting into it as there is nothing specific to believe in. All he got was a caste certificate ... what a cheap skate