Thursday, September 2, 2010


Rediff reports
Steadfastly sticking to the rituals, the PM took a bath and removed his shoes and socks before entering the temple.
Rediff should let us know about few temples where you can enter with footwear. Anyway since Rediff has taken the trouble of reporting Manmohan’s Magnanimous Act Of Kindness, We would like to thank PM MMS for respecting Hindu Sentiments, We are also gladdened that he donot consider Sri Venkateswara as myth
As if the above is not sufficient, they also get south Indian dress completely wrong. According to Rediff -
Narasimhan had changed into the Vaishnav attire -- replete with three long tilak on the forehead and a veshti (traditional lungi) -- before entering the temple.
Calling Veshti Traditional Lungi is like calling pant traditional Pajama!


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