Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet TOI the Judge and Prosecutor

For a layman like me, it seems that every time UPA Govt is facing heat, media releases the Jinn of Gujarat Riot from the bottle to take away the heat from intense focus on congress wrongdoings. Now there is intense public scrutiny on CWG  & Saffron Terror fiasco and we can see the smoke coming out the bottle.

Todays TOI headline on Sept 02, 2010 asks Is Zadaphia ready to testify against Modi? which is fairy innocent question. But the question (or shall we say speculation) become a factual statement in the first paragraph.
Finding himself on a sticky wicket after the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) tightened the noose around him in the 2002 riots case, former junior home minister Gordhan Zadaphia has expressed willingness to reveal everything. If this happens, his testimony could nail chief minister Narendra Modi.
So according to TOI, ‘if’ Zapadia testifies Modi will be nailed. and since TOI is confirming that Zapadia has expressed his willingness (no if & but) to testify(reveal everything per TOI), Modi will certainly be nailed!!
Now since TOI has already passed the verdict lets save the hassle of investigation, filing charge, prosecution, courts passing judgment etc. Lets send him straight to Jail.
TOI continues the kabbadi with truth in last para in which they try to explain this sudden (alleged) change of heart of Zapadhia
Zadaphia's hurry to depose before the SIT could be because his statement as a witness would carry more weight than as an accused.
Can TOI explain why Zadaphia has not become a witness during his previous testimonies (three in total). Has this anything to do with SIT naming him and two senior cops for playing a partisan role during the communal riots of 2002. Is he cutting a deal for himself(better be a approver than a accused…)? Seems these are irrelevant questions which TOI has shied away.
Minor Details: TOI forgets to mention that Zadaphia has quit BJP after failed attempt to unseat Modi and is now a bitter critic of chief minister Narendra Modi and he has his own political party. Have TOI heard of something called MOTIVE?
Lastly, the reporter of this news Prashant Dayal is the same reporter who had reported in TOI on 5th December 2007 that Modi has made statements during a rally which indicated that ‘Sohrabuddin got what he deserved’. Relevant Times of India report on what Modi said during rally reads as under:
Modi…….you tell what should be done to Sohrabuddin?
People at the rally: Kill him, kill him.
Modi: Well, that is what I did. And I did what was necessary.”
None of CD’s with Modi’s speech on last day had this statement!

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  1. Media is caught in time warp, unable to extricate itself from 2002. Gujarat and Modi have been frozen for time immemorial.

    Frustration of the media has to be seen in the light of the Supari taken by it from congress party. Since media has not succeeded in its task, the least they can do is bail their paymasters out every time they confronted by a crisis of major proportion .