Saturday, September 4, 2010

NDTV, Match fixing & Ajay Jadeja

Cricket lovers across the nation are gladdened to see every Media House taking a strong stand against match fixing in cricket. As expected NDTV also has taken a strong stand against match fixing. The seriousness of NDTV can be gauged for the fact that this week on the Big Fight NDTV is focusing on match-fixing in Cricket.
So far so good, what we would like to know is whether NDTV would be inviting Ajay Jadeja, their cricket expert to Big Fight . I am sure he would be able to give good insight on the bane of match fixing. Afterall, his career was halted (in December 2000) due to a five-year ban following damaging, though inconclusive, findings in a CBI inquiry on match-fixing. Though he contested the ban, In November 2004 his plea seeking permission to play international cricket was dismissed by the Delhi High Court after no one appeared on his behalf when the petition was taken up for hearing. However, a Division Bench subsequently permitted him to play domestic cricket
We are no one to advice NDTV who they should employee.  But as a private person, I find it highly inappropriate that a person who is banned from international cricket for match fixing is employed with national media and is offering expert advice of cricket. What standard are we setting and what message are we giving to future generation?
Alleged CBI Report on Ajay Jadeja can be read here.


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